Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Life in Edinburgh!

We had a lovely day for our trip to East Links in Dunbar and had great fun there!

I am still subject to Beth and her camera so not great shots and also she forgot to bring it to the FM graduation! Honestly you just can't trust 9 year olds to be adults!!!!
Well we have begun the Edinburgh clean up... not all of Edinburgh but just this flat!

It looks like we are living in a squat for Eastern European refugees! This week is painting and preparation. I am doing the children's meetings at the Faith Mission Convention here in Edinburgh next week. We are going to be learning about the Armour of God. Today I am off to the recycling shop to buy bits for the crafts. I very much enjoy getting the stuff all together for it. I hope it will go well. The meetings for the parents are excellent so you want the kids to enjoy it too. Unfortunately the convention begins when the school is still in term so many who may have come won't be able to. At the moment we have no idea of who will turn up.... except for my own 2 and Janet's 2! Wahey 4! Always a start!
This week is also a little opportunity to get to see some friends and we are trying to make the most of that.
It is a beautiful day here. God is so good. We have all we need! Let's remember to thank Him and live for Him. He makes all things beautiful in His time. Speak to you again soon. Thank you for your prayers... keep it up. With love. Elizabeth. xx

Thursday, 18 June 2009

I am sorry to my 2 readers.... ok 1 who has been waiting for my blog to tell them what I am doing!! Packing and more packing would be a good description of my life at the moment! Last night we got the van loaded with most of our remaining stuff in Edinburgh and Jonathan left this morning and is now in Skye having unloaded the van. He comes back down tomorrow and starts the ministry of redecoration in the Edinburgh flat!!! I am just enjoying myself as he is away working. Today the girls and I were ladies who do lunch as we met up with Carole at Fort Kinnaird. This is a place where shops are yes I said shops. Not an Edinburgh Woolen Mill in sight! Not that I am knocking the EWM you understand as there are bargains to be had there but when it is the only shop other than the co op you have seen for a while it is overwhelming to say the least! Anyhow enough of that.

I have left my camera in Skye so I am subject to Bethany and her photography skills for these pics you see before you... not altogether convinced she has a future in this line of work but am prepared to be proved wrong!
The kids from up the stairs came down to spend the afternoon and have their tea with us. This proved a challenge as we have no tv, no games, no anything really! We thought of some party ganes and decide if the wether should hold up we could go to the park.
Well as you can see we managed the party games.... flour cakes and apple dooking are what is happening here and we did manage to get to the park for a few minutes. I can't believe how much I have been able to talk to the mum up the stairs since we have come back. It is just typical though isn't it that we should build up a good rapport when we are leaving.

Over these next few days I am trying to get the Edinburgh Convention kids club sorted out. We are doing the Armour of God, something I need to learn more about but very thankful for!
On Saturday we go to the Faith Mission Graduation where our friend Hannah is graduating from. We hope to have a bbq on the beach afterwards if the weather holds out... actually gets better would be ideal!
Gorgie Mission has had to suspend their Sunday morning services through the summer months as so many are away and therefore it is hard to keep going. This makes us sad that there are not enough to be able to make a church that can stand it's ground but we are glad that they are looking to restart in the beginning of August. How can people say we don't need Missionaries in this country? We need praying people who will align themselves with God's mandate and step out in faith seeking His guidance and direction. What a transformation would occur in our own lives if we practiced what we preached!
Well I need some beauty sleep... no smart comments thanks. Tomorrow the girls and I are off with my sister Nora to a farm park in Dunbar.... said to be the sunniest town in Scotland, here's hoping. God bless and I will speak to you next week and hopefully show you some more of Bethany's pics! In Him. E.xx

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Help has arrived!!!

Well we are high on paint fumes, dirty and bedraggled but surviving it all and now we have help!!! Davie Murray has arrived from Gorgie to help us paint and boy can he paint. He is on a paintathon! We are so grateful for God's provision of help and we are really thankful that Davie has his ear open to God. We were listening to a sermon the other day on giving back to those around out of the abundance of what God allows us to have. Not just money but time and talents are important also.
This week has been great, we have met up with lots of the village folk and the girls are making lots of friends. Today we are waiting for our friends from Girls Brigade to come over for a wee play. We just have a few more days here on Skye and then we are heading back to Edinburgh on Saturday. We are going back to get the last few bits and pieces of furniture from the flat and to paint and clean it up before handing back the keys. We are also going to see Hannah our friend graduate from the Faith Mission Bible College. All in all we will be away 3 weeks as we will be helping at the Edinburgh convention too. Will keep you informed as to all that is going on. On Fridays I am going to circuit training for the last few weeks so I may not make it to Edinburgh as it does actually nearly kill me and the worst thing is they tell me it is good for me! No pain no gain are the immortal words that are being banded about everytime I groan when I have to move a muscle that had forgotten it existed but has been stretched to another shape altogether! Anyhow I had better go and make the workers a coffee. Keep looking to Him the Author and Perfector of our Faith. It is He that keeps us. Blessings. E. xx

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Settling in!

Well slowly and surely wins the race is still our motto! We are getting there! Jonathan is working very hard with his ministry of redecoration. As you can see from the pics.

We have been meeting most of the locals these past few days which has been great. I nearly killed myself at the circuit training keep fit class but made some friends nonetheless! That afternoon then we went to the school jumble sale which gave the girls the opportunity to meet with all the local school children. The headteacher then invited us along on the following Monday to the sports day. It was a blistering hot day and the kids all did really well.
After that we went down to the shore and cooled of in the freezing water! Then the girls treated themselves to a sand treatment for their skin!

We had to leave really fast and make our way to Girls Brigade where we are making friends also.
Yesterday a few holiday makers who we met at church on Sunday popped in to see us and we had a nice time with them! It is all go at the moment, but we are very much enjoying being here. God is being so good to us and we are knowing His presence! This is the before and after of Lydia's room!

Please keep praying for us and I am sorry about the sporadic bloggage..... will try and keep coming down to Stuart and Glenda's and keeping you posted! It is only about 2 minutes down the road so shouldn't be sooooo lazy! Keep up the good work yourselves and keep trusting... Love Elizabeth. xx