Thursday, 14 January 2010

Hello there, how are you after all that "weather"? I can see why it was a pain for so many but personally we enjoyed the experiences. Nice to go out and play in for a while, nice to look out at once back inside beside a cosy fire and happy to not have to go too far. For Jonathan that was a different story and he met the black ice firsthand but all was well thankfully.
So these days we have been doing lots of snow experiments. Utilising what we have around us and testing it! Now I have to say that done our findings are inconclusive to actually anything of any importance to anyone but boy we had fun trying. We melted the snow and then strained it to see how dirty it was! We tasted it... just like the ice cubes in Pizza hut seemingly! We melted it in different wrappings and then we .... wait for it.... sculpted it and painted it! The delivery lady got to see it when she appeared yesterday at the door. She must think I am some kind on eejit but hey would she be far wrong???? Well we have also played some of the Christmas games that we all received and have enjoyed that although can see that to our shame Bethany's knowledge for the Disney pictionary was far above anything that we could muster! More Disney films this year!!! We have also done our fair share of just living. It has been a nice time of just being ourselves and being together.
Jonathan starts tomorrow going into the schools. This first time he is able to go with the local minister and see what is involved so that will be really good.
The girls have started swimming lessons and are very much enjoying that.
We are looking forward to soon meeting up with another homeschool family here on the Island. So all is well. Trust you are knowing a good time these days and experiencing much of Jesus. Yours E. xx

Monday, 4 January 2010

A New Year!

Happy New Year to you both my readers! Can you believe it 2010? It was inconceivable what I would be doing and where I would be living when we brought in the New Millenium! So much has changed in life since that day. We have 2 lovely lassies. We have been with a Missionary organisation, a church in Edinburgh and now as freelance Missionaries in the Isle of Skye. I could never have foretold my future if you had given me a piece of paper and a biro on that New year 10 years ago. So what about this year what does it hold? Surely 10 years is difficult to predict but 1? In all honesty I have no idea. I look at a new calendar and wonder what will fill its' slots. The only thing I know for sure is that all I do I want to be with Him. Moses spoke to God and said if Your presence God does not go with us then do not lead us up that Mountain. He knew the importance of going into the battles with the Lord on his side. Without doubt there may be battles ahead this year.... I want Him with me.
This week we are having a quieter week as we take down the decorations. It has been a full and busy time with us being at my Mum's and then having friends to stay. I am looking forward to playing some of the girls Christmas games and such like and spending some quality time before we get back to school.
Well on that note I am going to go and see what they are up to! I might be missing out on Uno Spin! Take care these days, not just physically but spiritually. What better time to start a new prayer time or Bible study than in the New Year. Lets make this decade count for Jesus. With love, E. xx