Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Okey dokey! I am so sorry for leaving you so long! I have no excuse other than... nope not even that one would suffice! If you by some miracle are still around and checking up on this blog may I commend you for your loyalty to us!
So anyway enough of all that for I know you forgive me right?? What has life been like for you these past 4 months or so since I wrote? Life comes and goes doesn't it? We get up in the morning and by night I am asking myself "Where has that day gone?" I am though so glad to be reminded from time to time that each day is a gift from God. Somedays don't always feel like a gift as we speed around but then I am reminded of the health and strength God gives to enable this journey through life!
We are now just 3 weeks away from the due date of our new arrival. That seems unbelievable in itself. Where have those months gone? While I will be glad to get all that is ahead behind we are also aware of all that is to be done before that event occurs!(Hopefully!). We have come back this past week from being in Edinburgh at the FM convention and helping as we were able, next we head off to FM camp in Inverness to do the morning teaching for their junior camp. A group of just over 30. We very much enjoy these times of sharing with children the wonderful message of Jesus! Then when we get back to Skye we have a short week end after which we are due to go to Portree and Snizort (North end of Skye) for a club in each of those venues and also a youth focus week end. After that.... the baby is allowed to make it's appearance. If only we could always run to plan... but we are praying hard this all works out well. We are very glad to be having some FM help and some other help from Edinburgh for the clubs so Jonathan will not be totally on his own if all our plans fail! God's plan is best and so we leave it up to Him!
So summer holidays have begun here with a bit of a dreich... (google it) outlook.
This Saturday we are due to have an outreach to the young families of the Parish with a trip on the Misty Isle and a bbq at Loch Coruisk. The weather forecast says "NO", but we hope our storm calming God can do something with the outcome! However all will not be lost for the contingency 9is that how you spell it?) plan is in place with a scavenger hunt and bbq at the village hall here in Elgol. It would appear there are around 55 of us already booked. it would be great if some of those folks would follow on to coming into the church and of course even more importantly to faith in Christ. We need a burden for our neighbours in this land. We need to pray for them and seek opportunities to witness through life and word to them. So please pray that this week end will go according to plan.... His that is!
I am off for now as the girls have a wee friend over for a sleepover. It never stops round here.... sound familiar??? Take time with Him, I need to. Bye for now. E. xx