Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hi there everyone, I am back again! We are all doing well and enjoying life here in the winter! We have worked out the open fire goes well with the sawdust made from the chainsaw, (very The Good Life). We are back into the swing of all the extra curricular activities that we enjoy. We have met up with another homeschooling family in Skye and heard that there are lots of them out there we just need to find them! We have been to the beach this week .... even in February and Bethany was in the water in her pants, (not for long mind you), oh and we are having a baby! Wow that has been a full and involved paragraph. You see life in Skye is never dull! Our little person, God willing will make an appearance on (I don't think so) the 5th August... making me 16 weeks.. whoop whoop. We are very excited as a whole family although sometimes Mummy gets the collywobbles and thinks only selfishly about her sleeping patterns. That however does not seem to rate very highly in anyone elses moods!
As for life here, we are really enjoying these days. Jonthan has begun in the schools doing assemblies/ RE lesson once a fortnight in 3 schools and 2 nurseries. Here in Elgol and then also Broadford and Kyleakin. He is really enjoying this part of his work. He hasn't been out preaching just so much of late which has left him able to be here at our wee fellowship on a Sunday morning. That is great cos I am a technophobe and need him to set up the projector for the singing!
He begins next month in the Old folks home and we girls are hoping to go too.... just to make sure they let him out again!!
This weekend marks an auspicious.... is that how you spell it?.... occasion in our family. My grandmother is 100 years young. So on Saturday we all meet to bid her happy birthday... along with of course the Queen's card! My Gran is an amazing woman. One of those ladies who have had to work hard to get where she is and brought up a family single handedly due to being widowed young. A mighty fine job she has done too... put that in for you Mum! Today things are so different from her time. She has seen many changes over her lifetime. Through it all I know she has seen the constancy of God. He is her Saviour and friend and she has been a real warrior in my missionary life. In all that life brings for her now, she still wants to know how the "work" is going. Her favourite sentence in those times can be, "people are not gospel greedy". Unfortunately she is right. I was talking to a friend who has bee in the middle east doing "work" there and she told me of the opportunities that faced her to tell of her wonderful Saviour. More in a day than in a year in her local community. Oh we have just been praying at the prayer meeting for a desire for the things of God to come here. That we would seize the opportunities and that people would yearn to know about this Jesus that we love and serve. Please pray for that too. Well I am off now. I hope I will return sooner than the last time. Until then..... Shine the Light! E. xx