Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Well we still don't have broadband can you tell? I am missing telling all my tales but we have been promised that it may be sorted by mid September.... Skye time!
We have had a lovely few days with my Mum and my 99 year old Granny coming to see where we live. They came just for the day yesterday and then the girls and I took them home and stayed the night.
I will come again soon and bring you up to date on the Skye life!
With love, E. xx

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Isn't she a cool dude?
Well lots has happened it seems in the last while since I have written the blog. Andrew and Marian with their 2 girls Alba and Sara have been with us from Edinburgh and we had a great time.

We managed to do a lot in the week or so that we were together. We went up to Snizort for the first week end where Jonathan is doing the services and on the Monday we managed to get to the Faery Glen. It was so pretty. Skye really is beautiful and it changes all the time.

We have enjoyed having the company and also having others come over for food. I am learning to bake. It has never been one of my strong points but I am getting there. Needs a little patience which has probably been my problem in the past!
Jonathan has managed to get a scavenger licence for collecting the wood that the loggers leave behind. It is making a real difference and we are feeling the house really warm up. Hopefully we will be able to say the same in the winter!!

This week Lydia has had a wee sickness bug so that has not been so nice but it was good that we had some time to just be around the house with her. She seems to be picking up. We are very fortunate that none of us are very often sick.
I am reading Elisabeth Elliot's biography of Amy Carmichael. I haven't been reading for ages, and am really enjoying her account of Amy's life. A real challenge who gave her life to God and served Him wholeheartedly. It is a real challenge for me to live every day for Jesus and one I often don't succeed at but thankfully He is merciful and gracious and is willing to keep teaching me.
Jonathan is doing fine in Snizort and the people are very nice and have a rota for providing Sunday lunch! Next week in Kyleakin is the holiday club. Our girls are looking forward to going to that.
We are off to Fort William on Friday to do some trainer and welly boot shopping. They don't last long here we have discovered! Then on Friday evening The Misty Isle boat is taking a trip over to Loch Coruisk for a charity trip so we are off on that.
We are no further forward on the internet in fact maybe even further behind. So we are still coming down to the caravan to get computer stuff done. It could be worse I know but you do take it for granted when you have the ease of just sitting down with the laptop. Us modern missionaries huh? Any how I just thought I would add on these few extra photos just in case I don't come back for a while.

The pictures of the girls in the swimwear and Jonathan in the winter gear are on the same day!
If you have stuck with me even through the long periods of absence can I just say thank you. We so appreciate the interest you show in us and the prayers you pray for us. Keep it up and we will try and keep on living for Him here on Skye. God is doing great things and we look forward to seeing Him move in even more powerful ways.