Thursday, 31 July 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!

It was nice pretty much all day until about half an hour before the club, then it came down in torrents! Plus Jonathan has done something to his knee and is laid up! Maybe it swells when the rain is coming or something. He doesn't remember doing anything to it but he can hardly put any weight on it. He is lying up on the sofa with an ice pack on it and we are all smelling of deep heat!

Don't you wonder sometimes why? We absolutely love this time of year and the getting out into the community with these clubs and all seems stacked against us. All we can trust in is that He knows best and He has a plan that we could possibly never even imagine.
For now I have to take the car in the morning to get the M.O.T done..... I guess I will appreciate all the more what Jonathan normally does.
Bethany said tonight that our problem with the club was that we forgot to pray for good weather so she prayed extra hard tonight.... I say Amen to that!
Trust you are knowing His peace even in the midst of storms! With love Elizabeth. xx

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Gang Fight Stopped Play!

We had about 10 young lads and we played some rounders and dodge ball and stuff but then they had to leave to go to a fight that was arranged between them and another school. We tried to talk to them about it but there was nothing going to deter them. They are really nice lads underneath a very hard exterior that has been developed by the environment that they live in. It makes me feel so blessed to have the Lord in our lives and we absolutely know it is Him that has made the difference in us and our home.
We went to the park with the girls this afternoon and there was a bunch of teenage girls there with a couple of toddlers. They spoke out loudly about us being the Bible Bashers. We have no recollection of meeting them before but we were very glad they knew who we were and what we stood for. Opportunities are everywhere!
We have taken no photos of the clubs yet as we being careful not to violate any child protection policies but eventually we will broach the subject and let you see the crew!
Couple more of camp though!

Hannah and Claire... lovely girls!

Debenhams must have loved us!

Rain Stopped Play!

Scott on the right.
John in behind.

We didn't manage to have the club outside last night. You would not have believed the rain we had and it just started 15 mins before the club. It came down so hard and there was no way we could play on the grass never mind sit on it. We were really disappointed. We have never had to call it off before and I think it is often the best week of the summer we get for the club. God knows all about it though and it is in His plans. We still had a nice time with Nicola, Scott and John who had come to help. So after tea we had copious amounts of tea and coffee and looked at some camp photos.
It isn't raining today so far! So hopefully all will be fine for later on. At least the story and all is organised from last night! I love it when that happens! Hope you have a great day and see the opportunities that face you and take them.... work for the night is coming when no man can work!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Sore muscles!

Having a wee play!

This is Nicola who is helping us with the club.
We started the club in the local estate last night. There were 7 bigger lads of about 11-13 and then 2 smaller kids and then of course Bethany and Lydia. We played a lot of games with them, hence the sore muscles. They have christened us the God squad and remember us from previous years, which is good. We managed to have the story with them. While it would have appeared that no one was listening apart from the wee ones those bigger fellas could tell us all of it back again. One of them was really aghast that we are all sinners. They asked some really good questions. Unfortunately one of the deepest thinker lads goes on his holidays today and we won't see him for the rest of the week. We can only pray that what he heard will stay with him and that God by His Holy Spirit will deal with him. These lives have such potential. It is a great opportunity to be out on the grass with them. The weather was pretty good yesterday but today so far it is not so nice. Hopefully it will clear up! I haven't any photos yet but more of camp!
Jonathan and his friend Jin Mo

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sick little people!

The girls have both had a tummy bug. Beth is pretty much over it. Lydia got up this morning and her body was covered in hives, not so nice. We went to the emergency pharmacy and they think she has had an allergic reaction. Think I could have come up with that meself! Anyhow she seems to be feeling a bit better.
We start clubs tomorrow for the local kids in one of the estates so hopefully they will both be in tip top form. I trust that you have had a great day at the services you were at. I hope you are refueled for the week ahead. Keep looking to Him!
I will let you know how the kids clubs go. Please pray for us.... these kids can be hard work, but they need Jesus! With love, Elizabeth. xx

Saturday, 26 July 2008


This is a couple of photos from camp. We have loads so I'll put them on a couple at a time.

Now I am just off to the shops for the necessary food. Although the girls both have a tummy bug so they shouldn't eat too much! The cost of food is definitely going up don't you think? God is still able to meet the needs of all His people though so we shouldn't worry as He has everything under control. Sometimes it is just about letting go and letting God take the worry. He promises to give us his yoke which is easy and light if we allow Him to carry our burdens. I want that do you?