Thursday, 24 September 2009

I am still alive!

Hi everyone. If anyone is there anymore. I am so sorry I have not been able to keep up with the blog,but I have thought of you often. When something happens in my day I will often think of letting you know. We are still without broadband and we really do miss it! I know that people coped before without it but it is a brilliant tool to keep in touch with friends and family in far flung places.
Anyhow this is just another wee quick update to let you know we are doing really well. We ar settling well into life here on the Misty Isle. What a mist it is when it comes down you can't hardly see your hand in front of your face! Jonathan has enjoyed his time t the 3 churches in Snizort and now this Friday their new Minister, Robert and his wife Linda are inducted. It will be great to see what God will do through this pair. As fo us we are very excited with the little developments around us. We are looking forward to beginning a Bible study in our own house with Stuart and Glenda and hopefully a few from the community will join with us. It starts in a couple of weeks and will go on while the children are at the Sunday school as there is no morning service here in Elgol. We look forward to being challenged and built up i ou faith and we trust that ripples would be caused throughout the whole community to make waves for the Kingdom of God. We have made friends with some really lovely people here and we covet them for God.
We have had lots of visitors to see us and we have enjoyed that a lot. It is a lovley place to get away to and so beautiful! This weekend we are off down to Edinburgh as one of the ladies from Gorgie is celebrating a big birthday. Then we are going camping for a few nights... yes camping! I wasn't thinking of the time of year when I booked it. Oh well it all adds to the rich tapestry of life! Well I don't know when I will be back but I will try to not leave it a slong as last time. I hope you are all well and knowing His presence even in the difficult times. With love, Elizabeth. xx