Monday, 25 May 2009

Relocation, Relocation!

Well we have made it to Skye. It is really beautiful here and we are in the process of meeting lots of new people. God is being very gracious to us and we are knowing His presence with us in our new abode. The family from whom we are renting the house have been amazingly brilliant. The situation is probably a little unorthodox but it suits us very well! God's way is always the best way.
We arrived on Thursday to a grand welcome from Glenda, Calum and Heather. David Murray our friend from Gorgie Mission came and drove the van for us and helped us load and unload it. On Friday he left and headed back to Edinburgh to return the hire van. We spent that day stripping the walls in the front room and trying to get things a little sorted out... it is a very slow task! On Saturday we headed through to the metropolis of Inverness to do a "big shop" and get some more things for the decorating! Quite a journey but very worthwhile in terms of choice and price. Church went well on Sunday and again were able to meet some of the folks we had met before and some new ones as well.
Yesterday was Monday and we went to Portree to sign the lease on the house at the lawyers. My Aunt lives there so we paid her a visit and on the way back stopped at a bric a brac place where we spent an hour or so chatting to the couple who own it. I can see God move here already just by opening up ways to meet people and to speak of why we have come to Skye. Just as the renovating of a property takes time so does the reaching of souls. It can be painstakingly slow at times and energy consuming and sometimes even frustrating but in the long run it is all worthwhile.
The girls are having an absolute ball here. We got back to doing school today and as I write they are all outside rigging up a trampoline and have a makeshift rope swing to play on. Tonight we are heading into Kyle about 45 minutes away for the girls to go to Girls' Brigade. We were only here 24 hours and Bethany was wondering where the friends were! I have no camera at the moment but will get snap happy these days and will bring you more photos soon. We still don't have phone or internet either so we have come down to Stuart and Glenda's to use theirs. Will try to keep up to date tho with the blog if a little bit behind! Thanks again for being interested and making this journey with us. We really appreciate it. Speak to you soon. Love Elizabeth. xx

Monday, 18 May 2009

Well it is all going by in a blur now and I guess we will never remember these last days after they have passed. My brain capacity was never good but these days it has completely decreased! However things are progressing slowly and we are getting there with the packing! We have had lots of opportunities to see folks and to say goodbye.
Last week we went with some of the homeschool group to the Fire Station. We had a blast... of water as you can see. Bethany has a great picture of Jonathan in the whole firemans suit but I will keep that for another time!!

On Saturday I had a car boot sale with all our old surplus stuff. It went really well and it is amazing the conversations you can have with the people who are around.

We made £171 and then I bought the fridge I wanted with the proceeds for £169. Isn't God good???
We have Daniel and Hannah staying with us this weekend from The Faith Mission Bible college. So today we will give them boxes and send them packing!!!
Tomorrow I am off to St Andrews with my Sister and Gorgie Mission for the bus trip. Glad that I am getting to go to it before leaving. Gorgie have had another applicant for the vacancy... I hope trust and pray he is the right man for the job!
Next time I speak to you I guess I will be in Skye. Thank you for spending the time reading about our adventures. With this life I am sure there are more to come. Will let you know how it all goes in words and pics!
Love Elizabeth. xx

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Boxes everywhere!

Hi there,
We have returned from our missionary adventures in Skye and York and we are now started into the major packing that needs to be done! We had a great time in York and everyone was really lovely to us and of course we had a brilliant time with the Slater family. We got to go into York and walk on the walls one day which was beautiful. There is one road called the shambles where the houses come very close together at the top. We feel like we are in a little bit of a shambles at the moment!

This is the spaces in the flat that have been filled with the boxes that have been packed! It will all come together I am sure.

I trust all has been well with you and that you are appreciating every day as a gift from God given to you. There are ample opportunities these days to be a little bit stressed but we are trying very hard to just trust and take everything as a challenge to be overcome with a cheerful attitude... not overly sure how long that will last but will let you know the outcome! Bye for now. E. xx

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Of Course God had it all planned!!!

He really is amazing isn't He? God had it all sorted once again. We thought in the back of our minds that no 7 Elgol, the first house we spied, would sort out and we would get that one. Then when it seemed unlikely another 2 houses became available. So off we travelled to see them Unfortunately they were just a bit too small and we felt a wee bit despondent but then we got in to see no 17 and it was just a perfect size for us. It needs a little bit of tender loving care but thankfully we have the time and desire to do just that. The people who we are renting it from are wonderfully understanding and so have left us to do whatever we want in redecorating it. They hope to sell it so it may only be for 6 months but then again it could be for longer in light of the current economic crisis. However whatever will be will be of God's choosing and will.
We went also to visit the local Minister Ben who had mentioned to Jonathan previously the opportunity may be there for him to do a couple of months locum. i.e standing in while they wait for their minister to come. We begin that on July 26th. It gives us some time to get on with the house and also to be back and forwards to Edinburgh for a couple of things that we are committed to.
While in Skye we had a little bit of car trouble, as the Radiator sprung a leak! We were supposed to be going down to Norfolk these days to see our friends Stephen and Cynthia but it is not to be.... another time!Jonathan has managed to get a second hand radiator to put in so that is Mondays job! On Tuesday we are going to stay with Johnathan and Janet in York and Jonathan is going to speak at some meetings for Johnathan from Wednesday to Sunday so we will no doubt have a lot of fun with them!!!
It is all happening at the moment in life but God is so gracious and is leading and guiding along the way!
Can I just tell you that we have just downloaded a free series of sermons from Alistair Begg on the book of Ruth. He is brill!
Well may you know the blessings in the great adventures in life but also in the slow plodding of day to day. Every breath we take comes from Him! Remember to be thankful!
Bye for now. Elizabeth. xx