Tuesday, 28 April 2009

We have made it to Skye!

The past week has been one of farewells with everything we do pretty much being the last of the times we do it while living in Edinburgh. Gorgie Mission had a really nice farewell buffet on Saturday night for us. It was a lovely meal and everyone was so kind to us. It really is the end of an era for us as one chapter closes and another begins.
Yesterday (Mon) we left Edinburgh. My mum was with us for the final weekend and we were taking her home to Fort William on our way to Skye. My Aunt died last week so we went to the funeral first in Perth. I am amazed even at God's working out of this in that while there we were able to meet so many family and secure offers of cups of tea when we visit! I told them to be careful as the offer would be taken up. God is planning the way and His way is perfect in timing and all the little parts that I would never even think of.
So we left Mum at her home and we came on to Skye. We have the next 2 days to look around. This afternoon we are going to see the 2 houses that are offered to us. Tomorrow we are going to meet up with the local Minister and see how we can help.
Well I will keep you posted as to the events of this week. I really ask you to pray and seek God for us. We want only His will to be done and so we need His wisdom. His word tells us if we lack that wisdom we only need to ask! Speak to you later! E. xx

Monday, 20 April 2009

The Final Countdown!

This past week has been a busy week for the girls due to Bethany's birthday. She had her party on Monday then on Tuesday a friend had given us tickets to go and see cinderella in a puppet show. Wednesday was her birthday so we went to the Happy Castle, Jonathan's faithful sandals broke (he has been wearing them constantly since November due to his sore toe) and so we rushed to buy a new pair and then my sister and brother and other halves were coming for dinner. On Thursday (pic in the tent) is when Alba and Sara came for a sleepover. All went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves fine! Phew! Friday was a bit more chilled out and Lydia fancied getting very dressed up and then played the wii and then on Saturday they went to play with Gemma their friend at Penicuik. Kids these days huh? All I am is a taxi service for their social activities!
I spoke at the Ladies' meeting on Thursday for the last time. It is very odd this week now as everything will be for the last time. Tonight is the last prayer meeting.Tomorrow is the last coffee morning. See I am sure you are glad you don't actually live with me as last is a prefix for everything I say.
On Saturday night the Mission are having a farewell buffet for us... not looking forward to that! People saying nice things about you... I will feel like I'm dead. Only kidding it is very nice of them but don't really need a big fuss made. My mum is coming down on Thursday so she can be there. I think the Queen is flying in last minute!
I think these are very funny photos of a day last week when a policeman was talking to the maintenance man about an untaxed vehicle in our car park, suddenly we saw a head... yes our daughter who loves climbing the wall and playing on the bins. We couldn't believe it. She told us later that he had told her to get off the bin so we said and you haven't been on again since have you? To which she replied oh no not that one anyway! Oh dear what have we bred?

It is a beautiful day here for which we are very glad, so we are off to play tennis for a while and go to the park. How grateful we must be for the blessings we have to hand all the time. Family and friends and food and laughter. God is very gracious in His giving to us don't you think? Speak to you again. E. xx

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

We had Johnathan, Janet Paul and Ryan staying last week... oh and Paul's chicken pox came too! We have all had it so he was not able to infect us! They couldn't take him to their meetings in case he would infect the babies that were going to be there so we got the privilege of their company instead. The girls enjoyed having them here very much. They had a great time watching some "intellectual television" i.e Balamory!

These pics are of the Logos Hope the OM missionary ship. Some of our friends came with us and they had a great time doing the hopscotch conga!!!

The reason that I didn't manage to post yesterday was that Bethany had her "spy" birthday party. We had a great time and Mum and Dad are happily still alive... just!
Today one of our friends Kirsty gave us tickets to go to a puppet show that she couldn't make with her kids so we took her up on the offer. It was in Penicuik our old stomping ground! We met her and the kids afterwards and went to the park. It is lovely meeting up with old friends!

Tomorrow is Bethany's 9th birthday... I know 9! Yikes! Some of her Aunts and Uncles are coming over for their dinner. During the day we are going to go to a fab play park... reported to be the biggest in Europe! We have Sally the dog tomorrow so what a perfect combination! Dog/park for those of you who didn't get it!
God is being so gracious to us these days and is unfolding the way to Skye in His own time.... we are hoping to go up on the 27th of this month so will let you know the ins and outs when we have seen for ourselves the way He is leading us forward in our adventure with Him. Right for now I am off to bed as there will be one very excited 9 year old here tomorrow! Take care and have good times. E. xx

Monday, 6 April 2009

Monday 6th April.

We had a great time at the Logos Hope... wow what a lot of books! They are so reasonable too but one needs to exercise some self discipline when there, well that is what Jonathan tells me anyhow!
Yesterday we had a great time in Sunday school with Pilgrim's Progress. I think we are all really enjoying it. We left him yesterday on the hill of difficulty. He had to scramble up it on his hands and knees as it was so steep and difficult. If it is not at times difficult to be a Christian then perhaps we are not challenging ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and do something for the Lord. I read the magazine for the missionary organization Asia Link last night. In so many countries in Asia where it is not only difficult to be a Christian but dangerous and the Church is thriving. A quote from the magazine says, "This is the reason the church grows, a network of local people who just love sharing." If only we were interested in sharing with our local people about Jesus!
Well these days are full of lots of different things. Today our friends Johnathan and Janet are coming with the boys for a few days so the girls are looking forward to having friends right there just to play with all the time! Tonight I am off to a local Church's Ladies night called Time Out. We all need that don't we but not time out from God, sometimes we take it anyway and It never does us good. I am reading a great book just now by Kent Hughes. It is called Liberating the Church from the Success Syndrome. I have read bits and bobs and not really been consistent but have read a wee bit lately. Our idea of success is so askew. We think if we have a big church or big good deeds or a book published or money and flash cars that somehow it is a sign that we are doing awesomely well as Christians. Not so says Kent! Seriously though he gives a great argument on the ability to have all these things and yet still not love God. Do you love God? Ask yourself and if so put Him first in everything of your life.
Please continue to pray on for God's will to be done for a house for us in Skye. We are not one bit worried instead we are expectant of what God may do for us... I would just like you to be involved in praying for the miracle if you have time.
Well have a great few days. May God bless your efforts for Him and may all that you do be for His glory alone. E xx

Friday, 3 April 2009

Second Cousins.

This reads like a boring diary I as tell of our events this week. On Monday Hannah and Daniel came over and then we went to do some touristy things. Making sure we try to see it all before we leave! That night I had a really nice time at the home ed mums group. We spoke about discipling... not disciplining our children. That was the mistake I made when I first looked at the chapter.
Tuesday was the coffee morning and all these things I do are looming to an end. We went to see a lady in the hospital in the afternoon and she was 90. A lovely lady but doesn't know Jesus as her Saviour although Methodist through and through. We hope God will break through and open her heart! It is so hard to know what to say in these situations I find.
Well this has been a really nice week of seeing friends and family. Iain and Tanya came on Wednesday and stayed for the night. Well when I say night they left at 5 in the morning so didn't quite get a full nights sleep!
These pics are of their little ones, Shayna and Alyna and of course ours with their 2nd cousins.

Then on Thursday Bryan and Tiffany with their little ones came and brought friends as well.
Charlize is the baby and Catalina is nearly 3. Cute huh?

It has been great to see them and we have had really fun times.
Today we are going to see the Logos Hope... OM's Missionary ship. I am really looking forward to the bookshop on board! Will let you know how I go! E. xx