Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sporadic blogging!

Well I am sorry it has been so long but it has been another busy period. After new year we went off to Limerick to see our friends The O'regans and see the Limerick New Testament Church that they have just started over the last few months. It is amazing how God works and we have known this family for about 7 years and have seen God moving through them to this point.
We are back into the work again and doing ok. Sometimes I just feel that there is so much to do that it is hard to do anything well. I am realising that for Skye I need to be careful as to how much I take on. I am confronted a lot recently with the thought of how much I do supposedly for God and yet where is God in it all? I take it on myself and forget to include Him and maybe even some of the things I take on are not even God ordained.
I am learning each day to ask God to help me do only that which is in His plan and no more.
Our friends Stuart and Glenda from Skye have been through a really tricky and testing time with their little chap Calum not being well. I have so seen what I have believed to be God's grace in their lives. As hard as it has been to watch them, Glenda being like my own sister, I have been challenged in my own spiritual life to see that God carries us just when we need it. They have now got out of hospital and are on the road back to recovery. There is a link to their blog on my links thingy. Check it out!
Ok. I am off as Jonathan is out at the Bible Study and I am hoping to use this time wisely in cleaning up. May God bless you!!!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Well Christmas and New Year have certainly been an adventure. Not a quiet one either but we have very much enjoyed both. We had Christmas at home in Gorgie just ourselves and one of the wee girls from Church came along for the service we went to and then to our home for lunch. Out of all this wee girl got she still wasn't happy with her Christmas. Our children aren't really looking for stuff but really time spent with us.
Next we went to Fort William to spend sometime with my mum and Gran. She is doing well at 98 and 11months but you can see her getting frail. The scenery there was amazing though with temperatures as low as 7.5 degrees.

We had a blast up in Skye for new year and really enjoyed the company!!! We are still house hunting but very aware that God has it under His control and so we are not worried at all. He will sort it out in His own time.

Now we are in Ireland with our friends Garrett and Jackie. They have been friend with us since we were in Cork with the Faith Mission. They have moved to Limerick and now just this year they have started Limerick's New Testament Church. Copy and paste that into your address bar. (Cos I don't know how to do it for you and make it a direct link thing... sorry). They had a Bible study here last night. It is great to see a young new church made up of mostly men. They sung For He alone is worthy at the end and I felt sorry for the neighbours as all these powerful manly voices were booming through the wall.
So we will let you know how we have got on. Will speak to you when I get home. Looking forward to sharing this week end with our friends and the fresh new church. May God give us the freshness of new faith in Christ. Be His! Love Elizabeth. xx

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!!!

We are moving to Skye this year and we are very excited about it. As I type we are spending New year with Stuart and Glenda and family in Skye. We have had a great time and we are so looking forward to being here for good. Even though it is a tad colder here than Edinburgh. I hope all has gone well for you this new year and 2009 and will be a great adventure with God. I will write more when we get home on Monday and share some of the pictures with you. See you then... Love Elizabeth.xx