Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Here are a few of the pics I missed last time. Have plenty of material for the ole camera these next days as 2 of my nephews and their families are over from America.. will keep you posted as to what they all look like!

Us Trying to take a pic of ourselves... how sad?
Daniel and Hannah come and play too.

New hairstyles designed by themselves!!

All the family hard at work! Except me!!!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Well I finally made it to the hairdressers just 2 years after the last time! Nothing of major difference to my hair except a couple of layers put in but I was the only person in the salon with the hairdresser so had a lovely time of chatting with her. I realise again how difficult life is without Jesus in it to lead and guide. She was going through very difficult times in her life and we were able to chat about that. On Wednesday Hannah our Bible college student and Daniel came over for most of the day. It was nice to catch up and we took the dog up Blackford Hill. It was a beautiful clear day if a little windy. That night was Jonathan's last study in the Minor Prophets at the Bible study. Through April they are going to do a study book and then Jonathan can leave them with that until they sort out a plan for each week. All these days coming up now are the final days of things. Like the last rally, the Bible study and it is sad but God has led and He will keep us going on and them too when we entrust our lives to Him.
On Thursday I nearly knocked out one of the Ladies husbands at the ladies' meeting. He was peeping through the gap in the door to see if it had finished and I was marching on out to see if the special needs girls taxis were there and bumped the door into him. oops! However he was ok.
Thursday evening with the mum's bible study was very interesting when one of the girls brought a seventh day adventist friend of hers. A really lovely girl she was and we were able to have a good chat. My knowledge being all mixed up with that of other cults. I know many think that seventh day is just another denomination but that is certainly not how it began and their foundations are quite mixed up. Like although they believe Jesus is the Son of God they also believe He is Michael the Archangel. They have believed in soul sleep and the annihilation of the wicked. They believe the 10 commandments to be the most important part of the Bible. While these are a fantastic set of rules to be lived by I am not sure I would classify them as the most important part of Scripture. They do believe that we can be saved although in a different denomination but believe we are living under partial light. Well now I am well versed in their beliefs but at the moment when we were talking I didn't remember a thing! So typical... if anyone has a brain they can transplant to me please contact me! However she would perhaps have become quite agitated in any more discussion so we may have won the argument yet lost the soul and that is never a good thing. We hope to all meet up again at some point. Unfortunately she works normally on a Thursday evening. Please pray for her if you remember. God knows her name.
So now we Tink Famille are all off out for a wee bit air. Dad and Mum are trying to study for Church and Sunday School and kids are needing a wee trip out.
I can't find my camera but will post the photos later. Blessings. xx

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Friday was a busy day with lots of visitors coming and going. Roger and Nicky from the Dorothea Mission left and went back home to Eastbourne. I have very much enjoyed hearing of what is happening in Southern Africa and their keenness for the Gospel.

Saturday was the rally... our last one! It was quite sad when some of the folks who only come to Gorgie on that night were saying goodbye. The leave is imminent now! It is quite frightening yet very exciting. People keep asking us about our housing in Skye. Well we still are at the same part as before. We have nowhere so far... but we are not one bit worried as God is good and we are looking forward to His working out of the situation. Hudson Taylor said, "God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply". We believe that if He called us He can sort it all out.. we trust Him.
We are doing Pilgrim's Progress in Sunday School. I don't know about the kids but I am really enjoying it! We left Pilgrim today after just getting through the gate of decision
The girls have had a very busy few weeks and are having an early night tonight. It is hard to always be in a good mood when you are tired, Mummy and daughters struggling with that today... even on Mother's day!
Tomorrow hopefully the weather will continue to be good and we will head of to a nice park with Sally the dog and just enjoy the fresh air.
Trust you have a great Monday too.... I will let you know how mine pans out. Love Elizabeth. xx

Thursday, 19 March 2009

We went to see Blackness Castle. A beautiful setting in a beautiful day it was too! We met up with Marian and as promised Marian here is your photo shoot! I am sure any modeling agency would be pleased to have you!

Last night then we had the presentation from Roger on the Dorothea Mission

. It means gift of God. They work in the countries on the list and use national people to reach the nationals. No culture shock nor language learning and for a fraction of the costs. Seems a good idea to me if it can be done. Seemingly the Dorothea Mission was borne out of the African Evangelistic Band which was borne out of the Faith Mission.
Your heart really goes out to some of these children who although are not starving they are hungry. They only have the one set of clothes and they have no toys. Many of them will not make it to teenage years due to the many illnesses that are around including Malaria. One of the Pastors had his own children and then quite a few adopted ones that he had either found along the side of the road or had come to him because his brother had died. Wow we are so fortunate in our country. We moan plenty but in reality what have we to moan about? In these places they are so open to the Gospel. They come early in the morning and bring their own chair to make sure they can get a front seat! They stay their for hours and hang on every word that is spoken... don't you long for that in our country? I do... pray on!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

We had the Home Ed group on Wednesday. I realise how unfit I am... only turning the skipping rope and my muscles are in spasm!!!
It is now Tuesday evening and I am better from my skipping injury!
We have folks staying with us these days from the Dorothea Mission working in Southern Countries of Africa. They are a mission who use locals people to reach the local people. I think that is a brilliant idea don't you? Are you reaching your local people for Jesus?
My Sister, Wilma and brother in law David were here today on their way back to Greece. We won't see them now till next year. We miss them but they are doing the work God has called them to.
Roger and Nicky are speaking tomorrow evening at the Mission and will be telling us something about Mozambique so I will let you know the details!
We are off tomorrow to Blackness Castle with Marian and the girls. I know nothing about it but I guess I will learn.
Trust you are all well.Don't be afraid to reach out for Jesus to your local neighbours today. Blessings. xx

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Well here is Lydia with her cousin Sally!

We are doing well at the job... we think apart from the fact that Sally bit through her lead so Jonathan had to take her a walk on a really short lead! It was really funny to see Jonathan being taken for a walk! Funnily enough he didn't find it so amusing!!!!
We took Peter up Arthur's seat and it was soooooo windy! As I looked over Edinburgh at the amazing views I was reminded of Jesus speaking to the people in Jerusalem and saying "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not!"

On Monday eve we were off to Papau New Guinea with the Girls Brigade for the world day of prayer. Both my girls had a lengthy portion to read but it was the words Pacific and unemployed that we had the most fun getting their tongues around. The children of Papua New Guinea really have it hard... we sometimes forget that even though we may not have much we have more than some! Well I am off to the coffee morning for 3 cups of coffee at least.... We are thinking of the 5 things God cannot do this morning, well actually I am spinning it out over 5 weeks but the 1st today is that God cannot lie. In this day it is not always easy to believe what the politicians say and we listen to Professors predicting the economic future and wonder.... but all that Jesus says we can believe it, live upon it and put it into practice. He really has the best advice... be gathered into Him and under the shadow of His wing as a hen gathers her chicks. Bye for now. xx

Monday, 9 March 2009

Well back to my normal posting on a Monday as usual! On Friday we headed into town in the morning to see Princes' Street and all, yes I think nearly all of the statues along that road! Peter has allowed us by being here to look on our own doorstep and do a little bit of sightseeing. That is good as in just a few weeks we will be moving and won't have the same opportunity to see the sights.
Here we have pics of Peter and lovely spring and also the girls on a mock up version of the famous Edinburgh tram!

Samuel and the girls and I did some gluten free baking on Friday afternoon. We tried to make fudge but it just did not go well... think I need to try another fudge recipe! I will blame that anyhow.

On Saturday the girls went off to stay at their friends for a sleepover. I reckon they should call them an awake over though as definitely not enough sleep was had!
We had a great time at Sunday school and look what we made.... these specs help us to see who to serve as Jesus would serve them!!! Serve specs I think they could catch on... but if I hear they are already on the market I will know it was one of you!!!!
Peter is here till Tuesday and so tonight we are off to Papau New Guinea... with the girls brigade doing a little presentation of it for the women's world day of prayer. Then I will take him along to the coffee morning tomorrow before he goes. I think he will take some time today recovering from a Tink Sunday... it is all go, but we will not give him much time to get over it as we are dogsitting Sally and so off up Arthurs' Seat me thinks!
May God bless you in all your endeavours for Him... but remember it is all for Him and so consult Him to have guidance and help. So often we can be so involved in God's work that we fail to include the very God for whom we work. Put Him first!
Last nights sermon was from Hebrews 12:14 "Pursue peace with everyone and holiness- without it no one will see the Lord" Let's be different.... not wacky just holy like Jesus! Blessings. xxxx

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Hey I am back again. Been a full on day! Started off this morning by heading out at 9 am and going around the Royal Mile taking Peter through the steps of the covenanters, granted very badly. My knowledge is very limited!!

The girls had a great time though and are having a lovely time with peter. He is very good at spending time with them and they are loving it!!
So we got back from the Royal Mile and then it was time for the Ladies' meeting.

Then we had to bake our gluten free cake for dessert for Peter and after tea I was away out to the young Mums' Bible Study... whew! Think that tomorrow needs to be a wee rest! Always important to refuel huh? Someone has said if you don't take time to come apart and spend time with Jesus then you will find that you just come apart!!
Love Elizabeth. xx

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tuesday, Wenesday and no more!

Coffee Morning this morning and so I am just preparing my little talk. Thought I would share it with you because it is good! I can say that because it wasn't really me that wrote it. W. P Nicholson writes ," Dr Berry, one of the great congregational preachers drew vast audiences to his church in Birmingham. One night a rap came to his door. He went to his door and found there a poor girl with a shawl round her. She said, "Will you come and get my mother in? Will you come and get my mother in?" He wondered what he could do to get her mother in. The girl said that her mother was lying dying. He went with the girl to her home and found her mother lying in bed dying. He began to tell the mother about the lovely Jesus, the sweet Jesus and the wise Jesus. The mother said, " It is not that that I want to hear. I want my sins forgiven they are weighing me down. I want to know that I am saved."
The Minister said I began to tell her what I had heard from my Mother about Jesus who died for sinners, who shed His blood for sinners and, he said, "I got her in and I got myself in"
All of us have to be right with God and we can be so close and yet not there at all. Think of the 10 bridesmaids. The 5 wise who are a message all in themselves of being ready yet sleeping on the job and the 5 foolish.. so close, sitting outside the door and yet not being really and truly prepared. So many people sit in their pews week by week and listen and yet are never moved to take the step, the only step of preparation. That is to ask Jesus to forgive us from our sin and trust our lives into His hands to be lived for Him. There really is no substitution for the real thing.
Guy H King says, " The most urgent task before the church today is the "bringing in" of those outside its fellowship. What are you doing to bring them in? What am I? Let's evaluate these days, for the night is coming when no man can work.
I am trying to type a little every day and remember what it is I do rather than wait until next Monday and do it all but take an age to remember what has happened that week!! Old age I tell you.
This morning I have been on the computer looking at recipes for a friend who is coming to stay for a few days and is gluten free. Although you can buy stuff ready made it is very expensive so trying to get easy things to make that we can all eat! Perhaps I will be converted to the diet by the time he has gone!!! Watch out if you invite me for dinner as I will be reading all the packets to tell me what is in it. So now the girls have nearly finished school, then I am off to change the bed, make my gluten free chocolate cake and then pick up Peter from the train station. All in a days work huh? It now seems silly to keep this till next week so I will just post it... honestly decisions are not my strong point!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Been a week full of hustle and bustle in our wee flat. On one day.. Wednesday I think we had at one point 9 children and 4 adults!

I have been very bad at taking photographs, but on Saturday our good friends Mack and Shona took our photos for hopefully a prayer card that will come out soon! Incidently Mack and Shona are heading off to Paris as Missionaries. God's call is an amazing thing and of course there is no better nor safer place to be than the centre of His will. It is feeling very close to our leave now and we are feeling the emotion of it all... truth be told it is especially me!!! I guess it would be bad if after 5 years somewhere it caused no thought to leave. We trust the right man would be called to Gorgie and a calling would be exactly what it really is. Life in any sphere is not easy but ministry brings an added spiritual battle. As rewarding as it can be it is also a lot for the mind and heart to deal with. That is why we as Missionaries are so glad when people tell us they remember us when they are praying in their times with the Lord. Tonight we have our prayer meeting in the flat here. We will be remembering missionaries and also praying for ourselves... may God bless us all in these days!!!
This week on Wednesday we have a friend Peter from London coming to stay for nearly a week. He has a God given interest in Missionaries. He has been out to my sister Wilma and David in Greece and in Zimbabwe and now he is coming to Edinburgh. Without doubt I know he will see a difference in all these places but I am sure he will also see the real need in all these places. We speak of how many churches we have in our land and it is true that you don't have to go to far to find one but where are our hearts. So many of us, self included are playing at Church. Jesus and God are basically part of a religion we have in our hearts as we attend Church but we have put it into a wee corner of our hearts and Jesus fails to be allowed complete control. I am very aware of the fact that He is interested in my all. All parts of my life, family, health, day, but it is up to me to give Him that place. I think we are missing out on so much of God's best when we leave Him out of the equation. Let's not do that this week! Put Him first.xx Love to you all. xx