Monday, 16 February 2009

When it comes to writing my post each week I have forgotten what has gone on through the past week! My memory is awful but maybe it is something to do with the fact that much happens in a week. This week started with some more snow... it was a lovely surprise and we went out for an hour in the afternoon and made the obligatory snowman of course!

We had our homeschool group again this week and a lady from Sainsburys came and did a demonstration of healthy food for the kids.

Our friends Stuart and Glenda have been through the mill with Calum again and he was airlifted to hospital on Thursday due to what they think was high blood pressure. It is still high but they have been let out of the hospital today and are staying in Glasgow tonight so they are near a hospital if needs be.
Johnathan, Janet, Paul and Ryan came to visit. Johnathan had to leave to go off to a youth weekend but Janet and the kids stayed and we had a great time together. We miss them a lot when they are not here but it is true friendship when you can meet up and it is easy to pick up where you left off.

This weekend was full of comings and goings. Our visitors who were staying left on Sunday morning and then off to church we went. It is great to see our 7 kids from Sunday school being so frequent at coming and enjoying being there. We The mission have decided to call back the man who spoke for the vacancy in order to chat to him and get to know him a little better. They also have decided very kindly to give us a farewell dinner on the 25th April... boy it is coming close now.
Tonight I am typing this just before our prayer meeting so we will again bring the needs of a Godly pastor before the Lord. He knows our needs before we even ask for them yet He is keen that we voice them to show our reliance on Him. I am so aware of how much I need Him but sometimes I need to be reminded of His desire to give me more than I ever even imagined. What does He have for you this week? Are you seeking to know Him more? He has so much that He wants to give you but is waiting for you to give Him the go ahead. I am amazed at how a God who made the universe is interested in my every need and every moment of my day. The plans He has for me are so much better than the plans I have for let's be led by Him and seek His will for our lives!

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