Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Well all that has been went well! Jonathan had his first shot at speaking in two of the churches where he will be locum and they were lovely people who seem very hungry for God's word. He begins properly on Sunday coming with the 3 services and then a midweek meeting on the Wednesday night.
Lindsey got married and all went without a hitch!!! Jonathan although nervous did a really good job and I was the wedding planner!!! Well I thought I was as I bossed everyone about as to where to stand and what to do! If you need a wedding planner I can give you my mobile number!!!

Now we are back in Skye and glad to be so! It does seem a little weird to have nothing planned to go back to Edinburgh for, but it is time to settle in now. We came home from Edinburgh last night and stopped off to a shopping. I felt the need to take a pic of the shop so I remember what they look like.

We have our friends Andrew, Marian, Alba and Sara coming on Friday for a holiday so it will be great to see them and the girls are very much looking forward to having someone they can show around the area!

The girls kittens are becoming more tame and they are having a great time training them. Britain's Got Talent here we come!
Well God is blessing us and helping us as we adjust to the new life he has called us to. We really are amazed at all He does for us. Be amazed and thankful for even the little things we take for granted! Be blessed! E. xx

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