Thursday, 4 March 2010

I have spent the last couple of days mulling around doing my housework while listening to Jonathan's mp3 player. I have kept one ear in and one out should the need arise for me to "listen" to the conversations going on. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Carolyn Mahaney who writes the blog girltalk with her 3 daughters. She has done an eight part seminar on Titus 2 and being a wife and mother. It has been good for me.... but.... now the mp3 player has gone and stuck and if I have to listen once more on being grateful to God for our salad... she is talking about self control, in this case it is towards diet. Anyway I don't know what I will do if I have to hear that again. I finally got passed it and managed to the end of that part... which is part 4 by the way. When it ended it went straight back to..."don't forget to thank God for your salad" Is there a message there for me or is it plain and simple that the technology is broken. I only figured out how to work it the day before yesterday! Life can look bleak can't it? Never mind I will get hubby on the job. He has been busy these last couple of days tiling the bathroom in preparation for a shower!!! You heard it, I said a shower!!! A bath is relaxing and all but one can't beat a shower in my estimations, humble as they are.
I think last time I wrote we were heading away for my Gran's special 100th birthday. It came and all went well. Including the telegram from Her Majesty!! It was a fantastic way to spend the night with all our family that you don't get to see apart from at "family Functions".
David and Wilma (my sis and brother in law) came for a night after that and David did a lot of work with Jonathan around the house and outside so that help was invaluable.
I am off today to get the swine flu jab.... may be grunting when I return. If you ask my family they will probably tell you that I always grunt at them!!!
Life goes on. Jonathan is excited at the prospects of having a family service in the Free Church in Sleat (pronounced Slate for all you like me who read it as it is spelled). He is quite nervous about it as it is his first time but I kow he will be fine! Well I will close for now as am off for coffee to a friends house before the dreaded needle!!! Bye for now. keep trusting in Him! E.x

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