Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Hi there,
I have lots of pics for you but the laptop and broadband are not communicating well at the mo and I don't know how to do the pics on the desk top so we have to wait till I can convince Jon to show me and then I will show you!
It has been a really good week here. Not weather wise right enough as you can hardly see your hand in front of your face due to the mist. We have been busy trying to sort out some of the rooms that have never had anything done since the furniture was put in all higgledy piggledy too!
Tonight our South Queensferry friends arrive for a few days so that will be great. The girls have been counting the days and are so excited.
We really enjoy friends coming to visit so keep it up all of you!
We are hoping to have a bonfire for the village and so we are scouting for all the burnable stuff with thich to do it. The girls have managed to find a pile higher than themselves so far. Yesterday we went to play and have coffee with a neighbour and her kids and she seems to have plenty stuff for it too.... so we could be there for a while. It will be nice though to invite the neighbours to something and have some fun.
Stuart has ordered our bible study books for the service beginning on the 25th of this month. It is getting very near but we are very much looking forward to it.
Keep praying for the opportunities we have, sometimes they seem so small and insignificant and yet nothing is insignificant in the hands of our God.
Well I had best get on with the sorting out so that our friends have a bed to sleep in. With love in Him. E. xx

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