Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wahey we have broadband!

I am very glad to announce we have broadband! Whoop Whoop! It is very nice to be back in touch with folks again and I really have missed it. Also you have no idea how much I rely on google for the questions like... why did God create Midges? So we are back in the land of communication.
I will not go mad on this my first post from 17, Elgol, but I will just tell you that we are very much enjoying life here. The people are lovely and the midges are gone, the weather is not too bad yet so all is looking good. Jonathan is kept fairly busy with services. We have not begun the one in our home yet but it is on the calendar for the last Sunday in October. It would be great if you could pray for this venture as we want it to be of the Lord's doing. We are beginning with a Bible Study so that should flummox me to start with!
The girls are having a whale of a time. Prince Caspian is the game of the season! Thinking of heading down to the shore tomorrow and seeing what we can find. Will come on with the pics soon.
Communication really is important isn't it? I was thinking about the communication I have with God and how so often the line is busy... never on His side though.
Look forward to being in communication more. E. xx

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