Saturday, 28 November 2009


Hi there, you know how my last post said I thought I'd cracked it? Well, guess what? I didn't. Seemingly if you click on my photos they are too big for your page or something like that. So I am trying to be taught how to stop that from occuring!
These past couple of weeks have been busy with Jonathan's mum and dad being here and then our friend Carole came from Edinburgh for a few days. It has been nice to catch up. This weekend my sister and brother in law are staying.
At the moment half the school is sick with a virus and so the St. Andrew's day quiz that was scheduled for tonight (Saturday) has had to be cancelled... seeing as we are well I think it should have gone ahead and then I may have had a chance of winning!
Tomorrow we are making our way down to York to our good friends, who have sadly lost their baby at 20 weeks of pregnancy. Baby Lydia never got to breathe in this world but we know that she is in the best place, I am sure though as comforting as that is it will still be a difficult funeral on Tuesday and then for the cosiderable future as her mum and dad and brothers come to terms with their loss.
So often people want an explanation of why these things happen. I don't really know except all I do know is that God shows Himself to be so real at these times that through it all He can and will be glorified if we allow Him access.
I have no photos for you as you can see but I will keep trying to learn!
Ok I am off to pack will be in touch. E. xxx

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