Sunday, 8 November 2009

Well I have returned and think I have finally cracked how to do my blog on this computer. I was never designed to know how to properly work a computer. What were you designed for I hear you ask and that I will come back to!
Life here in Skye is really good. We are very much enjoying being here and meeting people and getting to know them and share with them.

I don't know if you can see our handiwork but we tried to carve the name of Jesus into our pumpkin!

The morning service has been going now for 3 weeks. Every week we have had someone join with us and the Mackinnons to worship our Saviour and I myself have been really blessed through these times. jonathan was out this morning taking one of the local remembrance day services and although we missed him from an IT perspective for the singing it went fine and it is good that he was able to share with others.

On Friday night the terrible weather subsided for just enough time for us to have a great bonfire and firework display. We had food and hot drinks to warm us up. Just as the fireworks ended the most enormous hail storm came on. Most went home but I wasn't leaving without having been able to toast my marshmallows so a few of us were able to get just about close enough to manage it.

Within the village there is a great sense of community and all we had to do was to mention we were going to have this night when some of the others were so keen that it felt like we had very little to do to get it together. We hope that at some point those same folks will want to come along to the services and other things that will be organised as outreach.
Jonathan's mum and dad come tomorrow for a week. Elizabeth ( My mother in law is also Elizabeth Tink) has not been so well and gets easily tired so hopefully they will find it restful here. Jonathan is to travel to Inverness to pick them up. While there he has to go to a town about 20 miles away to My Aunts house. She has a fancy dress shop and we are going to a fancy dress party next Saturday for our friends 40th birthday. As I am writing this I still have no idea what I am going to be and as I will not be able to go with Jonathan I will have to trust his judgement on what he picks out for me!!!! Could be good.... could be bad! Will let you know!
As for what has God designed me for? To bring Glory to Himself was what we were hearing about this morning in the service. We so often look for acclaim and yet it should all be about Jesus and that in itself should bring us joy unspeakable. I am going to give it a good shot this week, how about you?
With love, E. xx

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