Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Gang Fight Stopped Play!

We had about 10 young lads and we played some rounders and dodge ball and stuff but then they had to leave to go to a fight that was arranged between them and another school. We tried to talk to them about it but there was nothing going to deter them. They are really nice lads underneath a very hard exterior that has been developed by the environment that they live in. It makes me feel so blessed to have the Lord in our lives and we absolutely know it is Him that has made the difference in us and our home.
We went to the park with the girls this afternoon and there was a bunch of teenage girls there with a couple of toddlers. They spoke out loudly about us being the Bible Bashers. We have no recollection of meeting them before but we were very glad they knew who we were and what we stood for. Opportunities are everywhere!
We have taken no photos of the clubs yet as we being careful not to violate any child protection policies but eventually we will broach the subject and let you see the crew!
Couple more of camp though!

Hannah and Claire... lovely girls!

Debenhams must have loved us!

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