Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Rain Stopped Play!

Scott on the right.
John in behind.

We didn't manage to have the club outside last night. You would not have believed the rain we had and it just started 15 mins before the club. It came down so hard and there was no way we could play on the grass never mind sit on it. We were really disappointed. We have never had to call it off before and I think it is often the best week of the summer we get for the club. God knows all about it though and it is in His plans. We still had a nice time with Nicola, Scott and John who had come to help. So after tea we had copious amounts of tea and coffee and looked at some camp photos.
It isn't raining today so far! So hopefully all will be fine for later on. At least the story and all is organised from last night! I love it when that happens! Hope you have a great day and see the opportunities that face you and take them.... work for the night is coming when no man can work!

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