Thursday, 31 July 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!

It was nice pretty much all day until about half an hour before the club, then it came down in torrents! Plus Jonathan has done something to his knee and is laid up! Maybe it swells when the rain is coming or something. He doesn't remember doing anything to it but he can hardly put any weight on it. He is lying up on the sofa with an ice pack on it and we are all smelling of deep heat!

Don't you wonder sometimes why? We absolutely love this time of year and the getting out into the community with these clubs and all seems stacked against us. All we can trust in is that He knows best and He has a plan that we could possibly never even imagine.
For now I have to take the car in the morning to get the M.O.T done..... I guess I will appreciate all the more what Jonathan normally does.
Bethany said tonight that our problem with the club was that we forgot to pray for good weather so she prayed extra hard tonight.... I say Amen to that!
Trust you are knowing His peace even in the midst of storms! With love Elizabeth. xx

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