Friday, 8 August 2008

All Over!

This is a line of some of the kids happy faces!
I have been running!

This was a bad hair day!
Well we finished today at the club with 11 kids...granted 2 of them were visiting and were 1 and 2 year olds! We have had a really good time with them and are really glad that they all came. Everyone of them have come every day that they could.
Today we had a visit from a local Pastor called Justice. He was turning his bus and came across the Mission so popped in. He originally comes from Ghana. He says that it is such a shame that there is such a hardness here in Scotland to the Gospel seeing as the gospel came to his country from Scotland in the first place. He has a real desire to win the local people for the Lord. It is incredibly hard to get folks in to Church and they are very cynical of the things that we tell them. We talk of the heathen far off lands and yet our own country is in dire straits. We need to be Missionaries in our own land... win them for Jesus by showing them the difference He has made in our lives. I see the impact that sin has in families here in Edinburgh and all I know is that because of the grace of God our life is what it is!
Too good to keep to ourselves! With Love, Elizabeth. xx

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