Saturday, 2 August 2008

It Never Rains BUt It Pours!

Yesterday was one of those days. In the morning we had to get up and take the car to get it's MOT. Then I took Beth into town to try and find the wordless book coloured beads for a craft next week at the clubs in Gorgie. We just got off the bus and the heavens opened and we were drenched. This is Beth under the hand dryer in BHS!

We came home and then I took Lydia out to spend some of her money at the local charity shops...I enjoyed that!

When I got home the car was ready so had to get the bus along and pick it up. While I was out I popped into the chemist to ask about Jon and his sore toe and knee. He said take him to A&E. The 3 folks who were to help us at last nights club came for tea and so after tea Nicola babysat and we headed out for the eve. There are all sorts of things go on in the hospital and so I enjoyed watching the world go by for the couple of hours we were there. They gave Jon a local Anaesthetic and then cut out some of the infection and gave him antibiotics. He has a big bandage on his toe and I will take a photo of him in his suit and sandals for you tomorrow!!!!
Anyhow it seems to be on the mend which is good news.
In the hospital there were a number of people whose lives are wrecked by alcohol and drugs. Again we must marvel that it is Jesus who makes the difference to our lives. It is only by His grace that we are what we are.His mercies are new every morning..share them with someone today!

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