Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Club went well!

Doing club inside is a really good idea isn't it? We have no problems with the weather inside the hall. Today we had 9 lovely youngsters! I took photos but unfortunately left the camera at the hall! If I had brains I would be dangerous! Jonathan had a couple from yesterday on his phone.
We were helping our friends Johnathan and Janet to load up the lorry tonight as they move to York tomorrow. We will miss them but in this job it is the nature of the work to sometimes move on and where God has called them it is the best and safest place for them to be..... oh and we will see them next Tuesday on our way to Cornwall! They are not getting rid of us for long! Right I hope all of you are well. I must go and sort out the prodigal son. No I don't have one I mean sort out the story for tomorrow! You knew that right? Time for bed me thinks... Goodnight. Love Elizabeth. xx

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