Saturday, 13 September 2008

Back to Work.

I think this is a lovely picture of a baptism we were at in Greece. It reminds me of the fact that no matter where Jesus wants us to go He is there holding out His hand that we may take it and hold on to Him.
Well back to getting Sunday school sorted in time and such like. Find it difficult to get it all sorted out in time sometimes. Not from the lack of time I have but sometimes just hard to get around to. Laziness I guess. This is when you know you should be organised and not leave it till the last minute.
The funeral went well and Jon is glad it is over and the responsibility of it.
We are off to some friends from the church for lunch tomorrow which is very nice.I hope you are all ready for another meeting with the Lord and that tomorrow you may really get a fresh touch from Him. No matter where He leads you to or wants you to go through remember He is holding out His hand and wants you to hold on!
Take care, Love Elizabeth. xx

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