Thursday, 18 September 2008

A morning off.

Jonathan is doing school with the girls this morning and I am having a wee rest! Always necessary if you ask me. We are getting back into the routine of things and although we are still not starting the regular meetings till October there are plenty of things to keep us occupied. Yesterday we went to visit a not so well member of the congregation. We were supposed to be bringing cheer to him but it was definitely the other way around. I bribed the girls into good behaviour with a promise to the trampoline centre if they were good at the house we were visiting. All went in their favour and we arrived at the trampoline centre and no one else was there so we all had a go. That is an image you may struggle to get out of your mind!!!! Then we went to visit Nora and Davy, (my sister and brother in law). We had a good day as you can tell. The girls are enjoying being back at school and working very hard. Today they have Alba and Sara coming for lunch and a play while I chat to their mum Marian. It is a hard job but someone has to do it huh?
I haven't been taking many photos hence the absence of them but will try to remember to keep getting the camera out. So for now here are some of the holiday snaps again!

Hope you are knowing Him in all your ways and giving to Him the reins of your life.
Until next time, Elizabeth. xx

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