Sunday, 2 November 2008

Old? Friends!

We have had a great time away on our Missionary journeys. We met up with Johnathan and Janet again. They are settling well into their new post in York. It does take a while to get to grips with a new place, the people and culture and such like are different no matter if you just move a few miles or if you move hundreds of miles.
Stephen and Cynthia are doing brilliantly in the work in Norfolk.

They have really found their ministry niche and are very happy. We were able to see Stephen at work when we went to the holiday Bible clubs he was having in a local town called Diss.This is the church that it was held in.
Our girls very much enjoyed the fun and then we got to see the action when we went to the family night. This winter Stephen who is a mechanic is reaching out to the local community by doing free winter checks on the locals cars. What a brilliant way of using your God given talents for ministry.
We girls have been all go since we got back. Yesterday we were at our friends birthday party. The girlies had a blast. Today we went to see our old neighbours in Penicuik after church. It was great seeing a couple of the families and spending some time having a chat. This morning at Church actually another old face turned up. A fellow who used to come and stay in a caravan at the camp centre in Cork where we lived and now he and his young family are at the Bible college here in Edinburgh.
Tonight we have spent some time with another old friend from Faith Mission days. She is now working with Child Evangelism Fellowship. It is always great to see the way God leads and guides people to where He wants them to be. Is god leading you today? Is He in control of your life? He is just waiting to be asked! Make it today. Love Elizabeth. xx

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