Sunday, 15 June 2008

Gorgie Mission Gala!

These pics were taken yesterday at the Gorgie/Dalry gala. We ahd a good day despite the weather forecast predictions. We managed to have just a couple of good conversations with folks but handed out a lot of literature with only a couple of refusals. We now leave the Holy Spirit to do the job of speaking on through the leaflets that have gone into homes where we could never get.
The ladies did a fabulous job on the stall and made over £640 for the youth work fund. They work tirelessly at this all year making jams and such like in preparation so we are very grateful for all they do. This is us counting the money last night!!!!

Today was a very small day at Sunday school with only 4 but we nevertheless had a good time and now we have just had a special meal for Father's day. Jon is a great Father and has always been very involved in the upbringing of the girls. They love him and respect him. In many ways they are like him too. I hope they go on to be like him in their Christian lives too. Like him may they love their Saviour wholeheartedly and serve Him no matter what the cost. Ultimately may they be just like their Heavenly Father. It's what I want for my life too. What about you?

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