Tuesday, 28 April 2009

We have made it to Skye!

The past week has been one of farewells with everything we do pretty much being the last of the times we do it while living in Edinburgh. Gorgie Mission had a really nice farewell buffet on Saturday night for us. It was a lovely meal and everyone was so kind to us. It really is the end of an era for us as one chapter closes and another begins.
Yesterday (Mon) we left Edinburgh. My mum was with us for the final weekend and we were taking her home to Fort William on our way to Skye. My Aunt died last week so we went to the funeral first in Perth. I am amazed even at God's working out of this in that while there we were able to meet so many family and secure offers of cups of tea when we visit! I told them to be careful as the offer would be taken up. God is planning the way and His way is perfect in timing and all the little parts that I would never even think of.
So we left Mum at her home and we came on to Skye. We have the next 2 days to look around. This afternoon we are going to see the 2 houses that are offered to us. Tomorrow we are going to meet up with the local Minister and see how we can help.
Well I will keep you posted as to the events of this week. I really ask you to pray and seek God for us. We want only His will to be done and so we need His wisdom. His word tells us if we lack that wisdom we only need to ask! Speak to you later! E. xx

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