Monday, 6 April 2009

Monday 6th April.

We had a great time at the Logos Hope... wow what a lot of books! They are so reasonable too but one needs to exercise some self discipline when there, well that is what Jonathan tells me anyhow!
Yesterday we had a great time in Sunday school with Pilgrim's Progress. I think we are all really enjoying it. We left him yesterday on the hill of difficulty. He had to scramble up it on his hands and knees as it was so steep and difficult. If it is not at times difficult to be a Christian then perhaps we are not challenging ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and do something for the Lord. I read the magazine for the missionary organization Asia Link last night. In so many countries in Asia where it is not only difficult to be a Christian but dangerous and the Church is thriving. A quote from the magazine says, "This is the reason the church grows, a network of local people who just love sharing." If only we were interested in sharing with our local people about Jesus!
Well these days are full of lots of different things. Today our friends Johnathan and Janet are coming with the boys for a few days so the girls are looking forward to having friends right there just to play with all the time! Tonight I am off to a local Church's Ladies night called Time Out. We all need that don't we but not time out from God, sometimes we take it anyway and It never does us good. I am reading a great book just now by Kent Hughes. It is called Liberating the Church from the Success Syndrome. I have read bits and bobs and not really been consistent but have read a wee bit lately. Our idea of success is so askew. We think if we have a big church or big good deeds or a book published or money and flash cars that somehow it is a sign that we are doing awesomely well as Christians. Not so says Kent! Seriously though he gives a great argument on the ability to have all these things and yet still not love God. Do you love God? Ask yourself and if so put Him first in everything of your life.
Please continue to pray on for God's will to be done for a house for us in Skye. We are not one bit worried instead we are expectant of what God may do for us... I would just like you to be involved in praying for the miracle if you have time.
Well have a great few days. May God bless your efforts for Him and may all that you do be for His glory alone. E xx

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