Tuesday, 14 April 2009

We had Johnathan, Janet Paul and Ryan staying last week... oh and Paul's chicken pox came too! We have all had it so he was not able to infect us! They couldn't take him to their meetings in case he would infect the babies that were going to be there so we got the privilege of their company instead. The girls enjoyed having them here very much. They had a great time watching some "intellectual television" i.e Balamory!

These pics are of the Logos Hope the OM missionary ship. Some of our friends came with us and they had a great time doing the hopscotch conga!!!

The reason that I didn't manage to post yesterday was that Bethany had her "spy" birthday party. We had a great time and Mum and Dad are happily still alive... just!
Today one of our friends Kirsty gave us tickets to go to a puppet show that she couldn't make with her kids so we took her up on the offer. It was in Penicuik our old stomping ground! We met her and the kids afterwards and went to the park. It is lovely meeting up with old friends!

Tomorrow is Bethany's 9th birthday... I know 9! Yikes! Some of her Aunts and Uncles are coming over for their dinner. During the day we are going to go to a fab play park... reported to be the biggest in Europe! We have Sally the dog tomorrow so what a perfect combination! Dog/park for those of you who didn't get it!
God is being so gracious to us these days and is unfolding the way to Skye in His own time.... we are hoping to go up on the 27th of this month so will let you know the ins and outs when we have seen for ourselves the way He is leading us forward in our adventure with Him. Right for now I am off to bed as there will be one very excited 9 year old here tomorrow! Take care and have good times. E. xx

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