Friday, 3 April 2009

Second Cousins.

This reads like a boring diary I as tell of our events this week. On Monday Hannah and Daniel came over and then we went to do some touristy things. Making sure we try to see it all before we leave! That night I had a really nice time at the home ed mums group. We spoke about discipling... not disciplining our children. That was the mistake I made when I first looked at the chapter.
Tuesday was the coffee morning and all these things I do are looming to an end. We went to see a lady in the hospital in the afternoon and she was 90. A lovely lady but doesn't know Jesus as her Saviour although Methodist through and through. We hope God will break through and open her heart! It is so hard to know what to say in these situations I find.
Well this has been a really nice week of seeing friends and family. Iain and Tanya came on Wednesday and stayed for the night. Well when I say night they left at 5 in the morning so didn't quite get a full nights sleep!
These pics are of their little ones, Shayna and Alyna and of course ours with their 2nd cousins.

Then on Thursday Bryan and Tiffany with their little ones came and brought friends as well.
Charlize is the baby and Catalina is nearly 3. Cute huh?

It has been great to see them and we have had really fun times.
Today we are going to see the Logos Hope... OM's Missionary ship. I am really looking forward to the bookshop on board! Will let you know how I go! E. xx

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