Sunday, 3 May 2009

Of Course God had it all planned!!!

He really is amazing isn't He? God had it all sorted once again. We thought in the back of our minds that no 7 Elgol, the first house we spied, would sort out and we would get that one. Then when it seemed unlikely another 2 houses became available. So off we travelled to see them Unfortunately they were just a bit too small and we felt a wee bit despondent but then we got in to see no 17 and it was just a perfect size for us. It needs a little bit of tender loving care but thankfully we have the time and desire to do just that. The people who we are renting it from are wonderfully understanding and so have left us to do whatever we want in redecorating it. They hope to sell it so it may only be for 6 months but then again it could be for longer in light of the current economic crisis. However whatever will be will be of God's choosing and will.
We went also to visit the local Minister Ben who had mentioned to Jonathan previously the opportunity may be there for him to do a couple of months locum. i.e standing in while they wait for their minister to come. We begin that on July 26th. It gives us some time to get on with the house and also to be back and forwards to Edinburgh for a couple of things that we are committed to.
While in Skye we had a little bit of car trouble, as the Radiator sprung a leak! We were supposed to be going down to Norfolk these days to see our friends Stephen and Cynthia but it is not to be.... another time!Jonathan has managed to get a second hand radiator to put in so that is Mondays job! On Tuesday we are going to stay with Johnathan and Janet in York and Jonathan is going to speak at some meetings for Johnathan from Wednesday to Sunday so we will no doubt have a lot of fun with them!!!
It is all happening at the moment in life but God is so gracious and is leading and guiding along the way!
Can I just tell you that we have just downloaded a free series of sermons from Alistair Begg on the book of Ruth. He is brill!
Well may you know the blessings in the great adventures in life but also in the slow plodding of day to day. Every breath we take comes from Him! Remember to be thankful!
Bye for now. Elizabeth. xx

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