Monday, 18 May 2009

Well it is all going by in a blur now and I guess we will never remember these last days after they have passed. My brain capacity was never good but these days it has completely decreased! However things are progressing slowly and we are getting there with the packing! We have had lots of opportunities to see folks and to say goodbye.
Last week we went with some of the homeschool group to the Fire Station. We had a blast... of water as you can see. Bethany has a great picture of Jonathan in the whole firemans suit but I will keep that for another time!!

On Saturday I had a car boot sale with all our old surplus stuff. It went really well and it is amazing the conversations you can have with the people who are around.

We made £171 and then I bought the fridge I wanted with the proceeds for £169. Isn't God good???
We have Daniel and Hannah staying with us this weekend from The Faith Mission Bible college. So today we will give them boxes and send them packing!!!
Tomorrow I am off to St Andrews with my Sister and Gorgie Mission for the bus trip. Glad that I am getting to go to it before leaving. Gorgie have had another applicant for the vacancy... I hope trust and pray he is the right man for the job!
Next time I speak to you I guess I will be in Skye. Thank you for spending the time reading about our adventures. With this life I am sure there are more to come. Will let you know how it all goes in words and pics!
Love Elizabeth. xx

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