Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Boxes everywhere!

Hi there,
We have returned from our missionary adventures in Skye and York and we are now started into the major packing that needs to be done! We had a great time in York and everyone was really lovely to us and of course we had a brilliant time with the Slater family. We got to go into York and walk on the walls one day which was beautiful. There is one road called the shambles where the houses come very close together at the top. We feel like we are in a little bit of a shambles at the moment!

This is the spaces in the flat that have been filled with the boxes that have been packed! It will all come together I am sure.

I trust all has been well with you and that you are appreciating every day as a gift from God given to you. There are ample opportunities these days to be a little bit stressed but we are trying very hard to just trust and take everything as a challenge to be overcome with a cheerful attitude... not overly sure how long that will last but will let you know the outcome! Bye for now. E. xx

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