Monday, 25 May 2009

Relocation, Relocation!

Well we have made it to Skye. It is really beautiful here and we are in the process of meeting lots of new people. God is being very gracious to us and we are knowing His presence with us in our new abode. The family from whom we are renting the house have been amazingly brilliant. The situation is probably a little unorthodox but it suits us very well! God's way is always the best way.
We arrived on Thursday to a grand welcome from Glenda, Calum and Heather. David Murray our friend from Gorgie Mission came and drove the van for us and helped us load and unload it. On Friday he left and headed back to Edinburgh to return the hire van. We spent that day stripping the walls in the front room and trying to get things a little sorted out... it is a very slow task! On Saturday we headed through to the metropolis of Inverness to do a "big shop" and get some more things for the decorating! Quite a journey but very worthwhile in terms of choice and price. Church went well on Sunday and again were able to meet some of the folks we had met before and some new ones as well.
Yesterday was Monday and we went to Portree to sign the lease on the house at the lawyers. My Aunt lives there so we paid her a visit and on the way back stopped at a bric a brac place where we spent an hour or so chatting to the couple who own it. I can see God move here already just by opening up ways to meet people and to speak of why we have come to Skye. Just as the renovating of a property takes time so does the reaching of souls. It can be painstakingly slow at times and energy consuming and sometimes even frustrating but in the long run it is all worthwhile.
The girls are having an absolute ball here. We got back to doing school today and as I write they are all outside rigging up a trampoline and have a makeshift rope swing to play on. Tonight we are heading into Kyle about 45 minutes away for the girls to go to Girls' Brigade. We were only here 24 hours and Bethany was wondering where the friends were! I have no camera at the moment but will get snap happy these days and will bring you more photos soon. We still don't have phone or internet either so we have come down to Stuart and Glenda's to use theirs. Will try to keep up to date tho with the blog if a little bit behind! Thanks again for being interested and making this journey with us. We really appreciate it. Speak to you soon. Love Elizabeth. xx

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