Wednesday, 11 March 2009

We had the Home Ed group on Wednesday. I realise how unfit I am... only turning the skipping rope and my muscles are in spasm!!!
It is now Tuesday evening and I am better from my skipping injury!
We have folks staying with us these days from the Dorothea Mission working in Southern Countries of Africa. They are a mission who use locals people to reach the local people. I think that is a brilliant idea don't you? Are you reaching your local people for Jesus?
My Sister, Wilma and brother in law David were here today on their way back to Greece. We won't see them now till next year. We miss them but they are doing the work God has called them to.
Roger and Nicky are speaking tomorrow evening at the Mission and will be telling us something about Mozambique so I will let you know the details!
We are off tomorrow to Blackness Castle with Marian and the girls. I know nothing about it but I guess I will learn.
Trust you are all well.Don't be afraid to reach out for Jesus to your local neighbours today. Blessings. xx

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