Monday, 2 March 2009

Been a week full of hustle and bustle in our wee flat. On one day.. Wednesday I think we had at one point 9 children and 4 adults!

I have been very bad at taking photographs, but on Saturday our good friends Mack and Shona took our photos for hopefully a prayer card that will come out soon! Incidently Mack and Shona are heading off to Paris as Missionaries. God's call is an amazing thing and of course there is no better nor safer place to be than the centre of His will. It is feeling very close to our leave now and we are feeling the emotion of it all... truth be told it is especially me!!! I guess it would be bad if after 5 years somewhere it caused no thought to leave. We trust the right man would be called to Gorgie and a calling would be exactly what it really is. Life in any sphere is not easy but ministry brings an added spiritual battle. As rewarding as it can be it is also a lot for the mind and heart to deal with. That is why we as Missionaries are so glad when people tell us they remember us when they are praying in their times with the Lord. Tonight we have our prayer meeting in the flat here. We will be remembering missionaries and also praying for ourselves... may God bless us all in these days!!!
This week on Wednesday we have a friend Peter from London coming to stay for nearly a week. He has a God given interest in Missionaries. He has been out to my sister Wilma and David in Greece and in Zimbabwe and now he is coming to Edinburgh. Without doubt I know he will see a difference in all these places but I am sure he will also see the real need in all these places. We speak of how many churches we have in our land and it is true that you don't have to go to far to find one but where are our hearts. So many of us, self included are playing at Church. Jesus and God are basically part of a religion we have in our hearts as we attend Church but we have put it into a wee corner of our hearts and Jesus fails to be allowed complete control. I am very aware of the fact that He is interested in my all. All parts of my life, family, health, day, but it is up to me to give Him that place. I think we are missing out on so much of God's best when we leave Him out of the equation. Let's not do that this week! Put Him first.xx Love to you all. xx

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