Thursday, 5 March 2009


Hey I am back again. Been a full on day! Started off this morning by heading out at 9 am and going around the Royal Mile taking Peter through the steps of the covenanters, granted very badly. My knowledge is very limited!!

The girls had a great time though and are having a lovely time with peter. He is very good at spending time with them and they are loving it!!
So we got back from the Royal Mile and then it was time for the Ladies' meeting.

Then we had to bake our gluten free cake for dessert for Peter and after tea I was away out to the young Mums' Bible Study... whew! Think that tomorrow needs to be a wee rest! Always important to refuel huh? Someone has said if you don't take time to come apart and spend time with Jesus then you will find that you just come apart!!
Love Elizabeth. xx

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