Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tuesday, Wenesday and no more!

Coffee Morning this morning and so I am just preparing my little talk. Thought I would share it with you because it is good! I can say that because it wasn't really me that wrote it. W. P Nicholson writes ," Dr Berry, one of the great congregational preachers drew vast audiences to his church in Birmingham. One night a rap came to his door. He went to his door and found there a poor girl with a shawl round her. She said, "Will you come and get my mother in? Will you come and get my mother in?" He wondered what he could do to get her mother in. The girl said that her mother was lying dying. He went with the girl to her home and found her mother lying in bed dying. He began to tell the mother about the lovely Jesus, the sweet Jesus and the wise Jesus. The mother said, " It is not that that I want to hear. I want my sins forgiven they are weighing me down. I want to know that I am saved."
The Minister said I began to tell her what I had heard from my Mother about Jesus who died for sinners, who shed His blood for sinners and, he said, "I got her in and I got myself in"
All of us have to be right with God and we can be so close and yet not there at all. Think of the 10 bridesmaids. The 5 wise who are a message all in themselves of being ready yet sleeping on the job and the 5 foolish.. so close, sitting outside the door and yet not being really and truly prepared. So many people sit in their pews week by week and listen and yet are never moved to take the step, the only step of preparation. That is to ask Jesus to forgive us from our sin and trust our lives into His hands to be lived for Him. There really is no substitution for the real thing.
Guy H King says, " The most urgent task before the church today is the "bringing in" of those outside its fellowship. What are you doing to bring them in? What am I? Let's evaluate these days, for the night is coming when no man can work.
I am trying to type a little every day and remember what it is I do rather than wait until next Monday and do it all but take an age to remember what has happened that week!! Old age I tell you.
This morning I have been on the computer looking at recipes for a friend who is coming to stay for a few days and is gluten free. Although you can buy stuff ready made it is very expensive so trying to get easy things to make that we can all eat! Perhaps I will be converted to the diet by the time he has gone!!! Watch out if you invite me for dinner as I will be reading all the packets to tell me what is in it. So now the girls have nearly finished school, then I am off to change the bed, make my gluten free chocolate cake and then pick up Peter from the train station. All in a days work huh? It now seems silly to keep this till next week so I will just post it... honestly decisions are not my strong point!

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