Saturday, 28 March 2009

Well I finally made it to the hairdressers just 2 years after the last time! Nothing of major difference to my hair except a couple of layers put in but I was the only person in the salon with the hairdresser so had a lovely time of chatting with her. I realise again how difficult life is without Jesus in it to lead and guide. She was going through very difficult times in her life and we were able to chat about that. On Wednesday Hannah our Bible college student and Daniel came over for most of the day. It was nice to catch up and we took the dog up Blackford Hill. It was a beautiful clear day if a little windy. That night was Jonathan's last study in the Minor Prophets at the Bible study. Through April they are going to do a study book and then Jonathan can leave them with that until they sort out a plan for each week. All these days coming up now are the final days of things. Like the last rally, the Bible study and it is sad but God has led and He will keep us going on and them too when we entrust our lives to Him.
On Thursday I nearly knocked out one of the Ladies husbands at the ladies' meeting. He was peeping through the gap in the door to see if it had finished and I was marching on out to see if the special needs girls taxis were there and bumped the door into him. oops! However he was ok.
Thursday evening with the mum's bible study was very interesting when one of the girls brought a seventh day adventist friend of hers. A really lovely girl she was and we were able to have a good chat. My knowledge being all mixed up with that of other cults. I know many think that seventh day is just another denomination but that is certainly not how it began and their foundations are quite mixed up. Like although they believe Jesus is the Son of God they also believe He is Michael the Archangel. They have believed in soul sleep and the annihilation of the wicked. They believe the 10 commandments to be the most important part of the Bible. While these are a fantastic set of rules to be lived by I am not sure I would classify them as the most important part of Scripture. They do believe that we can be saved although in a different denomination but believe we are living under partial light. Well now I am well versed in their beliefs but at the moment when we were talking I didn't remember a thing! So typical... if anyone has a brain they can transplant to me please contact me! However she would perhaps have become quite agitated in any more discussion so we may have won the argument yet lost the soul and that is never a good thing. We hope to all meet up again at some point. Unfortunately she works normally on a Thursday evening. Please pray for her if you remember. God knows her name.
So now we Tink Famille are all off out for a wee bit air. Dad and Mum are trying to study for Church and Sunday School and kids are needing a wee trip out.
I can't find my camera but will post the photos later. Blessings. xx

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