Sunday, 22 March 2009

Friday was a busy day with lots of visitors coming and going. Roger and Nicky from the Dorothea Mission left and went back home to Eastbourne. I have very much enjoyed hearing of what is happening in Southern Africa and their keenness for the Gospel.

Saturday was the rally... our last one! It was quite sad when some of the folks who only come to Gorgie on that night were saying goodbye. The leave is imminent now! It is quite frightening yet very exciting. People keep asking us about our housing in Skye. Well we still are at the same part as before. We have nowhere so far... but we are not one bit worried as God is good and we are looking forward to His working out of the situation. Hudson Taylor said, "God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply". We believe that if He called us He can sort it all out.. we trust Him.
We are doing Pilgrim's Progress in Sunday School. I don't know about the kids but I am really enjoying it! We left Pilgrim today after just getting through the gate of decision
The girls have had a very busy few weeks and are having an early night tonight. It is hard to always be in a good mood when you are tired, Mummy and daughters struggling with that today... even on Mother's day!
Tomorrow hopefully the weather will continue to be good and we will head of to a nice park with Sally the dog and just enjoy the fresh air.
Trust you have a great Monday too.... I will let you know how mine pans out. Love Elizabeth. xx

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