Saturday, 26 April 2008

Crafty Kids!

Saturday morning and just having our breakfast. The girls then have to get dressed and they go to an art and craft class which they love. They love anything crafty which is why my recycling bucket is out and they are trying to find two tins so they can make a telephone! It is such a great stage, don't our kids grow up too fast now? I was talking to a man the other day who said that in inner city Edinburgh childhood ends at 6 years old. Crazy but very true in many situations.
We have Marian and Alba and Sara coming over for lunch and they are bringing Vicki a friend and her daughter Charli. They also homeshool but have no connection with church at all. I hope we get the opportunity to break down some of the fears that she has about church and how she thinks Christians are. I love opportunities to show that our faith doesn't mean we are more special than anyone else as God loves them too. Our faith shows how special God is and we should remember that we are only who and what we are because of Him.
I think that I will make some of Cynthia's pancakes for lunch, maybe with bacon and sausages and maple syrup. What do you mean uurgh? They can put whatever they like on it! Will put in photos later as they come during the day.
Have a relaxing day! Love Elizabeth. xx

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skyegospel said...

You're making Cynthia's pancakes? If I'd have known that I'd have stayed another night!!