Saturday, 19 April 2008

Friendship is fab!

Hello Everyone,
This is my very first day as a blogger and as I am completely computer illiterate it might come with some teething problems!
It is not that my life or work is more important that I think that you should read about me but I want to have a learning curve while attempting this and you may be able to join me on the journey! We will definitely laugh at my mistakes that is for sure.
We have just waved off one set of visitors and now are trying to tidy up the house while we await the next lot. As you can tell the tidy up is going well as I have just set up a blog instead! I love people dropping by and having friends over is great.
It is now lunch time so I had best go and get something for en famille to munch. I will return if I can ever find the page again if not we will meet elsewhere!
Until then may Our Saviour bless you today, Don't be overwhelmed but in everything give thanks!
With love Elizabeth.

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