Saturday, 26 April 2008

One whole week blogging!!!

I have so enjoyed this blogging experience and if it is being read I hope you are enjoying it too. We have had quite a busy day with lots of fun. It has been lovely here and we managed to sit up on the roof for a while until it got a little windy.
The girls all seemed to have a great time.
Our friends Carole and Hannah dropped by too for coffee and it was nice to catch up. Hannah is at the Faith Mission Bible college training for Missionary service. Someone once said " If God calls you to be a missionary don't stoop to be a King". There's no higher calling than in to the service of God. While it may not be God's will for us all to be students at a Bible college it is His will for us to be missionaries right where we are.

Lydia's form of evangelism seemed to be a little extreme as she tied the neighbours in to their house. She was making a tent really we were just glad they didn't try to open their door. Well back to Sunday School prep as usual at the last minute. Have a great day tomorrow. Remember to put your all into the services you are a part of. Give to God in your worship and care for your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Promise I will try too!!

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Hannah Dick said...

well thought i would look you up and find out your news, saves me the cost of a phone call!!!!
The picture of Lydia and the comment made Me laugh and many others in the college too!!!! that is a form of evangelism thet they don't teach in college (maybe they should)!Oh... and not thet toe again!!!!