Wednesday, 30 April 2008

A Chance Encounter?

Today I was thinking about one of the young mums who comes to Gorgie and realised that as yet we had not been able to tell her of the fact that we are leaving in a year. I wanted it to come from us and in my mind just wondered if I might see her today. On our way back from getting the photos developed there she was with the twins, Terry and Frankie and her nephew Kyle. They came up for a wee cup of tea and she was delighted that my house looked so untidy. This is a photo of the twins with "spy" goggles on! Also while the girls and I were sitting looking at the photos in the supermarket one of the dad's of a girl who had come to our clubs a few years ago came up and spoke. This man is a heartbroken man who has struggled with life after the death of his son. At one point a couple of years ago we spoke to him and he cried and said that God could never love him. Since that time he would never really speak to us. I was amazed that he came up to us and said hello. Are these chance encounters? I don't think so. Our lives are so exciting when we allow God to take care of the schedules.

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