Friday, 25 April 2008

Feel good Friday.

Morning all,
Trust all is well with you. It is a bright and beautiful day here at the moment and the girls are up skipping on the flat roof garden thingy. They also have chalk so it could be some mess up there.
Stuart is going to pick up his "new" car today and head back to Skye. He is trying to help me set up an account on Facebook so watch out for that. We have a club at Gorgie today called Family Time, we don't have very many who come, but the girls love doing the craft so it is worth it just for them. Then they have One Way club at Carrubers Christian centre here in Edinburgh. They invited a friend Catriona last week and she loved it so she is coming back today. It is a brilliant club. As important as it is for us to have fellowship it is also important that our kids have fellowship with other kids in sunday school and clubs. I have often thought of how I can not make my children Christians but when they do accept Jesus as Saviour for themselves it is certainly my responsibility to disciple them and help them on the Christian pathway. We have a great responsibility to train up our young people to reach their own generation for Jesus Christ. Stuart and Jonathan have been on the computer all morning and now I have got back to finish the blog at last!!! It is no longer morning, but school is all done and the spag bol is nearly ready. Great when it all works out, if only it was always so simple!!
Bye for now.

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