Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Work all Finished?

Well I would love to say that I have all the chores done but it would be a lie so I won't! This morning we decided to make pancakes, they were great and even Jon wanted a bit of the cooking action.
I valued the help tho. I made the pancakes according to a recipe that my friend Cynthia gave me. It worked really well. I will work out how to put the recipe on a link or something and you can get it if you want. It may take me some time to work that out so be patient!!! We got back to school though and that went well. We did school in p.j's, but am glad to say we are bathed now!

I spoke to my friend, Jackie, she lives in Limerick in Ireland. It was great to catch up with all her news and of course share what's goin on here. I love the way our conversation always comes around to the things of the Lord. Friends like that are so important, the Bible calls it fellowship. Ir is so important for us to find people that are likeminded.Talking about the Lord helps everyone involved in the conversation and pleases the Lord too. Don't be ashamed, if you are, then maybe you need to start spending more time with Him and just getting over any embarrassment that you may feel. Chances are your friend just wants to talk about Him too. Perhaps read a good book about Jesus and then bring that up in conversation offering to lend it out.
Well back to the chores in hand. I am determined to finish before 8 o'clock. Maybe that goal is a little ambitious! Will let you know how I fare. Love E,x
P.S Wanted to tell you bout this thank you card I got yesterday from another Jacqui. It's really good don't you think. What makes it even more special is that she is blind. God may have not allowed her sight but He has given her the gift of encouragement as well as many other gifts including this one.

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