Thursday, 24 April 2008

Never quite ready!

Morning!!! I have a couple of hours to do all the stuff that I have to do. Today I help at a Scripture Union class and right now I have no idea what it is that I am going to do with them for 40 minutes. I know that it is valuable time that I spend with these inner city kids who come from some terrible situations but sometimes it is so hard to get them to do anything. The one thing they normally are good at is listening to the story from God's Word. God's Word can calm the storm that's for sure. I also need to get to choose a few choruses for the ladies meeting that happens straight after S.U. Jessie is still away on holidays so my job has moved from tea pourer to song leader. God has a job for all of us to do and none more important than another, we need someone to make and pour the tea just as much as someone up at the front.
It's our turn to clean the church, joy! Another of those necessary jobs that may not bring so much joy but God is pleased when we do it with an attitude of service.
I'll try to remember to take some photos during the day and post them later. If you have time go to the link section and click on the free cd tracts link . Then scroll down to the witness section and click on the story of Mr Genor. The music is a little too loud but the story is amazing and inspirational and spurs me on to tell others about Jesus. Be blessed today!

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