Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Wednesday means chores!

It is chore day and boy does our house need it. It has been busy since we got back from holiday last week, therefore nothing has been done in the house and you can tell. Back to school as well for us girls today. I am looking forward to that part, but ask me how I feel in a couple of hours and it may be different!
We got wakened rudely this morn by the electric man who we forgot was coming. How come they start work so early anyway! My ears are still ringing from the door buzzer.
Hopefully I will recover soon! The electricity man has left now after fitting our new meter and it is time for breakfast.
Remember that we as ladies, although doing the chores and looking after the children, have the ability to pray. Who will you seek God for today? Ask Him to bless your ministry at home and to make you all He wants you to be. There is no higher calling.
Have a good day!

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